Ready to tour in 2019

Bartleby Delicate

Bartleby Delicate is not a usual singer-songwriter. An alter ego of Luxemburg-based musician Georges Goerens is rather of a musical narrator, whose stories are constantly shifting between reality and fiction.

Since starting the project in 2017, Bartleby has not been shy to show his music all over Europe. Within the first year, he had already played at several showcase festivals, such as The Great Escape Festival in Brighton and Sonic Visions in Luxembourg. Good feedbacks allowed him to support bands like Rodrigo y Gabriela, Giant Rooks, Aldous Harding and The Welshly Arms as well as doing  a 2 weeks tour throughout Germany supporting Bender & Schillinger after releasing his debut EP Whatever We Find Suitable To Compare on the 23rd of April 2017.

With his voice, guitar, synthesizers and a variety of experimental instruments, Bartleby ornaments his poems with delicate melodies. He invites the listener on an earthly journey through experiences of fortune and failure in the mood of Sufjan Stevens’ and Soko’s music. Inspired by authors like Albert Camus and Herta Müller, Bartleby’s music underlines the enigmatic lyrics questioning the human condition. His music is an expression of a live story somewhere between a tender cry and a subtle smile.

Bartleby’s performance is as vulnerable as Daniel Johnston and as determined as Kurt Cobain. The formula is simple in the end:  with an honest will to share his inner with the outer, it becomes a live experience in its purest form. Bartleby Delicate proposes a special concert with narrative performance elements that goes beyond the traditional concept to a place where the lines between music and poetry become blurry. Without being afraid of sharing an authentic moment of pain and compassion by using the tension between harmony and atonality, Bartleby’s live performance is always a continuous quest to surprise himself and his spectator.


Bliss Out

Anchored in southern Belgium, Maxime Duysens (lead vocals and guitars), Maxime D’Hondt (guitars and backing vocals) and Benjamin D’Hondt (bass) have built up  this new project in 2015 on the ashes of their latest bands, Bliss Out v.0 (2005-2008) and Noisy Decade (2009-2015). Maxime Wirtgen joined them on the drums in september 2016 and they jointly decided to relaunch the brand “Bliss Out”.  They proudly claim the 90’s rock music heritage by coining themselves post-grunge. The genre indeed is still vividly inspiring for a new breed of bands renewing it. Bliss Out plays that game with its own rules: no make-believe, just genuine songs.

Since the release of their debut single “Pimp Our Kids” in November 2015, the band has kept on composing solid tunes and eventually headed for a recording session in early 2018. Their first 9-track-album is going to be released in February 2019.


Vasgovie is a project carried out by Théo Seemann (drums and vocal) and Kevin Ettel (guitar, bass VI, keys), and joined by Emile Fichter (bass) and Romain Faravarjoo (guitars) in 2017. Behind its name, the band claims/reveals its origins in the Northern Vosges: a woodland region, crude and organic, mirrored in the sound that the quartet works instinctively. Do not fear the harshness of the climate, Vasgovie will be able to electrify you by its southern soul rock and progressive. Diverse influences rise within their music, from the Beatles to Tame Impala, from Frank Zappa to Dead Weather. A first eponymous EP was produced in 2016 at Red Rock Records, a label that will sign their second EP planned for 2018.


Emmelshausen, Boppard, Kastellaun – three small towns of the district of Hunsrueck, not particularly famous for being a land of stunning musical creativity. The first one is however pretty well-known for being a thermal resort curing lung disease, the second one is the hometown of a guy who once decided to make a tour of the Rhine valley on board a makeshift boat though the third one may actually be more identified for being the ground of Germany’s largest Technorave. But in no means reputed as an burgeoning independent scene hosting talented musicians dedicated to being innovative!

This combination is certainly the reason why the five boys brought together into INDIANAGEFLUESTER have just developed a completely – and previously unheard in Germany so far – unique and peculiar sound rendition , in which they manage to mix rap music with indie rock, rich grooves and a classical element that sounds truly exceptional, amidst such a line up: cello.